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  • A new vehicle means joy of life. And with an auto loan from KREDIT.DE, freedom and adventure are just a snap away. Thanks to individual consultation, we find the optimal conditions for your loan request. We develop cost-effective financing solutions that fit your life and possibilities, enabling you to purchase a car.
  • AIVADO works with over 500 partner banks and can present you with an attractive auto loan for almost any vehicle. We finance new and used cars, cars and motorcycles, motorhomes, and vans. Check your options now: Start an online non-binding credit inquiry and find out with our experienced advisors what possibilities are open to you.

Your benefits

Personal consultation that addresses your desires

AIVADO doesn’t offer you standard off-the-shelf loans. Each financing project is linked to individual conditions. We assess your financial scope together and set up an auto loan that fits you and your desired vehicle.

Attractive conditions without cost traps

We work with over 500 partner banks to find the ideal lender for every financing request. We rely on complete transparency, long-term predictable annuity loans, and the favorable conditions of purpose-bound installment loans. We do not lure with seemingly cheap loans and low monthly rates that turn out to be expensive due to high down payments and final installments.

Flexible payout models

Particularly with new cars, delivery can be delayed at short notice. Therefore, we offer flexible payout models: We agree on the conditions of the car financing in advance, but the money is only disbursed when you really need it for your vehicle. This way, you avoid unnecessary interest costs. Typically, such auto loans are available “on-call” for up to three months.

Almost all vehicles financeable

Cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, scooters, vans: Thanks to our cooperation with a variety of banks, you can apply for a suitable auto loan with us for almost any vehicle – whether it’s a new car or a ten-year-old used car.

How does concluding an Auto Loan with AIVADO work?

Usually, we can finalize your request for an auto loan within three days. However, this only works if all the wheels interlock during the processing of the formalities. Below, you’ll learn how our consultation process works and which documents you need to submit when.

What is the optimal duration for an Auto Loan?

The optimal term for your own financing project always depends on individual circumstances: How high is the loan amount? What monthly rate can you afford? Is quick repayment important to you? There is no universally valid answer regarding the duration of an auto loan that fits every situation. Therefore, our advisors analyze your financial starting situation together with you and compile a loan offer that matches your possibilities and needs. Generally, the shorter the duration of a loan, the greater the monthly burden.

Auto Loan, Dealer Financing, Standard Installment Loan, or Leasing – What's Right for Me?

For financing a vehicle, an auto loan, a purpose-bound installment loan, is often used. This loan type offers long-term favorable conditions and sufficient leeway. However, depending on the situation, another form of financing might be more suitable when buying a vehicle. We examine the advantages and  disadvantages of the alternatives.

The advantages of a purpose-bound installment loan at a glance
An auto loan is a purpose-bound installment loan that must be used only for the purchase of a vehicle and is cheaper than a purpose-free installment loan. Typically, the vehicle being financed serves as security for the bank: The car, motorcycle, or motorhome remains the property of the bank until the loan is fully repaid. These factors reduce the financing risk for the bank – and afford the borrower more favorable conditions.

Our Partners

Auto Loan or Dealer Financing: Which is better?

Many financing offers from car dealers appear attractive at first glance: They entice with low monthly rates and low interest rates. These conditions are usually only possible, however, if a high down payment and/or a final installment are also made (also known as balloon financing). Those who cannot raise these amounts themselves must finance them again. In total, dealer financing is therefore often unexpectedly expensive. 

The flexibility of a conventional installment loan comes at a price A conventional, non-purpose-bound installment loan offers a bit more leeway than an auto loan. With this financing option, you can decide without consulting the bank what you do with the vehicle or when you want to sell it. You might even be able to negotiate a cash payment discount. However, this flexibility comes at a cost: Due to the greater financing risk, the bank demands higher interest rates.

Auto Loan and Leasing: What's the Difference?

Auto loans and leasing fundamentally differ. Unlike financing, you do not acquire ownership with leasing but merely pay a fee for the use of the vehicle. While
 this reduces financial liabilities and is more convenient, it generally involves comparatively higher costs in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

The auto loan is among the most popular financings and enables the acquisition of various vehicles. However, there are also important specifics to consider with this form of credit. We have therefore collected the most frequently asked questions about auto loans and answered them in an easily understandable manner.

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Unlike traditional banks, AIVADO offers a unique approach with access to a wide array of financing options, thanks to our vast network of partner banks. This flexibility allows us to find perfect-fit solutions for nearly any situation.