How to Switch Statutory Health Insurance

If you find your health insurance too expensive or you’re dissatisfied with the services, you can change it at any time. This switch is quite simple, and your future health insurance fund will assist you in the process. You must consider the notice period and the binding period when switching. An exception to these periods exists if the health insurance fund raises its contributions. The notice period is generally two full months at the end of the month. Therefore, there must always be two full months between the cancellation and joining the new health insurance fund. For example, if you decide to switch health insurance funds on February 17th, you can only become a member of the new fund on May 1st at the earliest. The binding period is one year. You must be a member of your current health insurance for at least one year before a switch is possible. Therefore, statutory health insurance can only be changed once a year.

Special Right of Termination

If a health insurance fund increases its additional contribution, a special right of termination applies. In this case, the one-year binding period does not apply. Such a contribution increase is a good opportunity to compare health insurance funds and choose the one that best suits your needs. Members of the health insurance fund are informed about a contribution increase. This can happen very shortly, as it is sufficient if the information is sent the month before the contribution increase. For the special termination, you have time until the end of the month in which the new contribution applies. Example: If an insurance increases its additional contribution on January 1st, the insured have until the end of January to make use of the special right of termination. In the case of a special termination, the notice period of two full months at the end of the month still applies.

How to Switch Statutory Health Insurance

Find a New Health Insurance Fund

Contact us to find a new health insurance fund. We look not only at the contribution but also at the services that are important to you.

Register with the New Health Insurance Fund

It’s enough to simply register with the new statutory health insurance fund. To do this, fill out the membership application and send it electronically or by mail.

Cancellation and Confirmation of Cancellation

The new health insurance fund takes care of cancelling your old health insurance. You do not need to take any further action. Within 14 days, the old health insurance fund confirms your cancellation. The new health insurance will also inform you once the switch has been successful.

Inform Your Employer

If you are employed and subject to social insurance contributions, you should also inform your employer about the change in health insurance funds.

How the Health Insurance Contribution is Structured

The health insurance contribution consists of two components: the general contribution rate and the additional contribution.

The general contribution rate is 14.6% of the assessable earnings. This rate is legally fixed and applies to all statutory health insurances.
In addition to this contribution rate, health insurances may levy an additional contribution. This can be used to finance additional services of the insurance.
The contributions, i.e., the general contribution rate and the additional contribution, are borne half by the employee and half by the employer.
Example: A health insurance fund levies an additional contribution of 1.5%. Thus, the total contribution rate is 14.6% + 1.5% = 16.1%. Employees must bear half of this, i.e., 8.05% of the assessable earnings.

Available Services

The services of statutory health insurance funds are based on the service catalog of health insurance, which is prescribed in the fifth book of the Social Code and specified by the Joint Federal Committee. Additionally, each insurance can offer supplementary services. These additional services are an important distinguishing criterion among statutory insurances. The legally required services include medical, dental, and psychotherapeutic treatments. Also included are medications, dressing materials, healing and aids, home nursing care, hospital treatments, medical rehabilitation, and many other services.
The additional services vary by health insurance fund and may include areas such as:

Skin screening

From the age of 35, statutory health insurance reimburses a skin screening every two years. However, some health insurance funds offer as an additional service special diagnostic procedures from an earlier age or even annual screening.

Professional dental cleaning

Not included in the service catalog of health insurances and must therefore be paid for privately. However, many health insurances offer subsidies for dental cleaning.

Travel vaccinations

Many health insurances cover the costs of travel vaccinations. Since these are not part of the health insurance service catalog, it is an additional service that varies by health insurance fund. In many cases, health insurances pay a portion (e.g., 80%) or even cover the costs entirely.

Flu vaccination

Members of certain risk groups are entitled to a flu vaccination. However, most health insurance funds cover the costs as an additional service for all other individuals.

Over-the-counter medications

Health insurance funds are not obligated to cover the costs of over-the-counter medications. Many health insurances still reimburse these costs. There is usually an annual maximum amount.

Osteopathy and homeopathy

Many health insurances contribute to alternative medical services – such as with a maximum annual subsidy. However, they are not obligated to do so.


Bonus programs provide incentives for a health-conscious lifestyle. Many health insurances allow you to save money or cover certain services that would otherwise not be reimbursed.

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