Modernization Loan: Make Your Property Fit for the Future

-Enhance your property through modernization, renovation, or refurbishment.
– Financing up to €100,000 without a mortgage.
– Individual consultation, favorable conditions, and state subsidies.

What is a Modernization Loan?

Modernization loans or home improvement loans are used to finance measures that maintain or even increase the value of your property. For example, with a home improvement loan, you can install an energy-efficient heating system, improve insulation, renew the roof, or make your bathroom barrier-free. Modernization loans are purpose-bound and generally cheaper than comparable personal installment loans without a specified purpose. KREDIT.DE can facilitate loans of up to €100,000 without a mortgage for you. The high flexibility and favorable conditions open up many possibilities. In a personal consultation, we work together to develop the optimal financing solution for the modernization of your property.

What Measures Can Be Financed With a Modernization Loan?

Modernization loans allow you to modernize, refurbish, and renovate your house or condominium. The focus is on value-preserving and value-enhancing measures that improve energy efficiency or living quality. For example, modernization loans are granted for the following projects

Energy renovation

Installing energy-efficient heating systems, improving insulation, or renewing windows and doors can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Roof expansion or renewal

A lot of heat can be lost through the roof, which can be prevented by new tiles or better insulation. Additionally, more living space can be created by expanding the roof.

Renewable energy

Installing technologies that rely on renewable energies, such as photovoltaic systems for electricity generation or solar thermal systems for hot water preparation, is also popular. Such modernization measures also lower energy costs.


More and more people are looking for barrier-free properties, not only for age-appropriate living. Remodeling bathrooms or installing elevators are typical measures to create accessibility.

These and other modernization measures can be flexibly combined. Which options are most profitable for you depends on your property, your financial possibilities, and the loan conditions. We help you make the best possible decision.

Modernization Loan with AIVADO: Your Benefits

Best Conditions

We compare offers from over 500 banks and financial institutions for you – non-binding and free of charge. You benefit from particularly favorable conditions and can secure modernization loans of up to €100,000 without a mortgage.

Individual Financing

Your renovation loan must fit your life and your property. Our experienced advisors know which steps pay off in the long run. They also exploit all state funding opportunities for you.

Enhance Quality of Life and Property Value

Whether it’s a new heating system, better insulation, or more living space, modernizations not only make your everyday life more pleasant but often also increase the market value of the property. A tailor-made modernization loan is a good investment for the future.

State Funding for Your Modernizations

When modernizing your property, you can benefit from numerous subsidies. Popular are the flexible KfW subsidies or BAFA subsidies for improving the energy efficiency of your home. Housing construction premiums for home savings contracts, Wohn-Riester, and regional funding programs also offer attractive advantages. We help you exploit all funding opportunities.

How to Secure a Modernization Loan at AIVADO

Securing a modernization loan involves several factors. The more we know about you, your property, and your modernization plans, the faster we can find the ideal financing. Usually, only the following three steps are necessary.

Enter Key Data

First, we need some facts about you and your current life circumstances. Where do you live? What is your occupation? We also want to know your plans: What loan amount do you need? Where is your property located? What kind of object is it and what measures are desired? Use the form at the top of the website to start a non-binding and free credit inquiry.

What is the Optimal Duration of a Modernization Loan?

These loans typically have terms of 5 to 15 years. However, the best term for you depends on the project and financial circumstances. A roof renewal and expansion involve more costs and effort than replacing a heating system.

Your Goals Are Crucial

Do you want to repay the modernization loan comfortably and protect your financial flexibility? Then a longer term is recommended. Short terms allow for quick repayment and interest savings but come with a high monthly burden.

In a free consultation, we find out together which term offers you the most benefits.

Why Choose AIVADO?

With over 500 banking partners, AIVADO provides unparalleled flexibility in financing options, ensuring you get the best rates and terms for your renovation needs.

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