Saving Money Through Debt Restructuring: Become Debt-Free Relaxed

– Reduce monthly burdens and gain financial flexibility
– Save on interest due to better terms
– Consolidate loans for better financial overview and higher credit score

What is Debt restructuring and why is it worthwhile?

In debt restructuring, you replace existing installment loans with a single new loan. This consolidation of liabilities offers many advantages: Firstly, the terms of the debt restructuring are renegotiated. You can adjust the monthly loan rate to your current life situation and gain financial flexibility. Additionally, you typically benefit from lower interest rates. Secondly, it gives you a better overview of your financial situation. You only need to keep track of one loan instead of several. The smaller number of ongoing loans can also improve your credit score in the long term. Take advantage of the individual service from KREDIT.DE: We design the optimal debt restructuring for you – free of charge and without obligation.

When is restructuring a mortgage worthwhile?

Particularly with real estate loans, where large loan amounts and long durations are common, you can save a lot of money through debt restructuring. Even slightly better interest rates offer enormous savings potential here. Better conditions also provide you with more financial leeway, reducing the monthly burden. We analyze whether restructuring your property financing is worthwhile and which restructuring loan best fits your life situation.

How much you save through debt restructuring

The greatest advantage of debt restructuring is its versatility. You can benefit from lower interest costs by restructuring overdrafts, the final installment of a car loan, and many other old loans. You can also use refinancing to significantly reduce the amount of the monthly loan rate. Despite the identical remaining debt, you will subsequently have more financial leeway.

Your Benefits

Adjust monthly rate and enjoy flexibility

Several, even seemingly cheap installment loans can cumulatively become expensive. With debt restructuring, you reorganize your liabilities and adjust the monthly burden to your life situation. This not only gives you a better overview of your finances but also leaves you with more of your money at the end of the month due to the savings on installments.

Save on interest thanks to better terms

By replacing existing installment loans with a single debt restructuring loan, your creditworthiness generally improves at the credit bureau. Changed life circumstances can also positively affect the terms of a loan. Interest costs can thus be significantly reduced with debt restructuring.

Optimal debt restructuring thanks to individual consultation

Our experienced consultants are experts in the field of debt restructuring. They analyze your financial starting situation, find favorable loan offers, and realize a debt restructuring that is optimally tailored to your life situation.

Debt Restructuring for Homeowners: Homeowners save even more

  Whether a single-family home, condominium, or rental property: those who own property can benefit from particularly favorable conditions in a debt restructuring. In the so-called homeowner loan, the property serves as additional security. Banks reward this with low credit interest rates and long terms. The savings potential is enormous – the effective annual interest rate after a debt restructuring through a homeowner loan is typically many percentage points lower than before. Most of the time, the monthly rate also shrinks. And if the owners agree, even foreign properties can be mortgaged.

How debt restructuring works at AIVADO

Our team supports you throughout the entire debt restructuring process – from the first consultation to the repayment of the last installment. To support you optimally, however, we need your help. Therefore, we summarize below how the debt restructuring at AIVADO works and what documents or information we need from you at what time.

To present you with an optimal offer for your debt restructuring, we first need to get to know you and your financial situation. What are your living conditions? What liabilities currently exist? How high should the monthly rate be after the debt restructuring? The more accurate and complete your information is, the better we can advise you. Note: This credit inquiry is free, non-binding, and does not affect your credit score.

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Term and Early Repayment Charge

The term is an important factor in debt restructuring. On the one hand, the term of the debt restructuring loan can be designed so that the resulting monthly burden fits your capabilities. A lower monthly rate gives you financial leeway and allows for relaxed repayment. On the other hand, the remaining term of existing loans affects the savings potential of debt restructuring measures – this is especially true for construction financing. The longer the remaining term or the larger the remaining debt, the more can be saved through a better interest rate.

What is an early repayment penalty and when is it demanded?

The lending bank may demand payment of an early repayment penalty if borrowers repay a loan earlier than contractually provided. This is because the bank loses interest income due to the early repayment of the loan. The amount of the fee is legally limited: depending on the remaining term, the early repayment penalty may not exceed 0.5 to 1 percent of the remaining debt. For construction financing, such compensation may only be demanded if the interest rate fixation has not yet expired. However, 10 years after full disbursement, you have a special right of termination in any case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a personal loan without a specific purpose or construction financing: Debt restructuring is extremely worthwhile for borrowers – if decisive factors are considered. To facilitate your orientation, we have collected frequently asked questions on the subject of debt restructuring and briefly answered them.

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