Wealth Building

Wealth Building: Step by Step to Healthy Finances Most people live without significant inheritance and thus need to build wealth from scratch. Here, wealth is considered to be possessions that are not needed for daily use. This guide describes the best ways to build wealth, even with lower incomes. What you Should Know Building wealth […]

Essentials about Retirement Plan

Here’s what you need to know about retirement planning To maintain your current standard of living after your working life, you need adequate retirement provision—but this isn’t guaranteed. This article explains why retirement planning is such an important topic and what options are available for supplementing state pensions. What you should know In Germany, there […]

Life and Life Risk Insurance

Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance Explained Simply Many people in our country have life insurance. This financial product is very popular in Germany – as of 2019, there were approximately 83 million contracts according to Statista. About a third of these were capital life insurance policies. In recent years, capital life insurance has come […]

Personal Liability Insurance

What You Need to Know About Personal Liability Insurance Mishaps happen. It’s easy to accidentally knock over a friend’s expensive vase or lose a key. And even the most cautious can’t always avoid causing major accidents, like those in traffic. That’s why having the right insurance is crucial. Because you are responsible for your unintentional […]

Statutory Health Insurance

How to Switch Statutory Health Insurance If you find your health insurance too expensive or you’re dissatisfied with the services, you can change it at any time. This switch is quite simple, and your future health insurance fund will assist you in the process. You must consider the notice period and the binding period when […]

Private or Statutory Health Insurance

When does private or statutory health insurance make sense In Germany, there are two ways you can obtain health insurance: statutory or private. While statutory health insurance is accessible to everyone, there are certain requirements you must meet to join a private health insurance plan. This article explains the differences in tariffs and services and […]

Disability Insurance

Here’s what you need to know about disability insurance Disability insurance, alongside liability insurance, is one of the most important voluntary insurances. This article explains why and what to consider when finding the right policy. What you should Know Disability insurance (DI) is a voluntary insurance that secures your earning capacity. If you can work […]

Insurance Services

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