Real Estate Investment

Dive into the world of real estate with AIVADO. Our expert team offers exclusive access to off-market rental investment properties…

Car Insurance

Finding an affordable and effective car insurance policy is straightforward if you know what’s important.


Although everyone has heard of Schufa, it remains unfamiliar to many. Yet, it has a significant financial impact on our lives.

Personal Loan

We work independently with over 50 banks to find the optimal loan offer for you.

Debt Restructuring

Reduce monthly burdens and gain financial flexibility Save on interest due to better terms

Auto Loan

Our auto loan gets you to your destination. Suitable financing for every vehicle desire

Renovation Loan

Enhance your property through modernization, renovation, or refurbishment.

Property Savings Plan

Property-Saving is one of the most popular financial products among Germans, and almost three-quarters of all German households had a Property-Savings-Plan contract in 2016.

Insurance Services

Navigate life in Germany with peace of mind, 
knowing that you and your loved ones are protected. We provide…

General Loans

Whether funding your vacation home or securing capital for other personal endeavors, AIVADO’s loan specialists …